our culture & core values

Innovation based on research

Creating innovative solutions is our daily mission and we start that process from a baseline of knowledge and understanding.


Teamwork and brainstorming

The energy and great ideas that come from teamwork and brainstorming allow us to move projects to a whole new level of excellence.


Always learning and growing

Because many of us started our careers as journalists, we are innately curious and feel the mark of a great day is one in which we’ve learned something new. Then we find ways to apply our new discovery in ways that help our clients.


Diversity and mutual respect

The many diverse outlooks reflected in our company, our community and our clients allows us all to grow in our understanding of the most important issues of the day.


Excellent projects and customer care

We value excellence and know our clients do, too. And that’s our commitment from beginning to end on everything we do.


Integrity and the Golden Rule

We treat people the way we like to be treated, with honesty, fairness and mutual respect.

Global-5 employees seek challenging assignments and the opportunity to bring first and best in the nation results to their clients.  Our innovative solutions are based on research and in-depth transportation industry knowledge.  We are always looking for better ways to do things and continuous process improvement is part of our daily adventure.