Posted on Dec 04, 2019

Passenger rail transportation is growing in popularity in Florida as Amtrak, Virgin Trains, TriRail and SunRail are offering people more efficient ways of traveling and commuting. But with the increase in rail traffic on existing tracks and the construction of new railways in places they’ve never existed before comes the need for increased safety on and around those tracks.

Florida Secretary of Transportation Kevin J. Thibault, P.E., recently mentioned the need for engineering, enforcement and education solutions to rail safety challenges. These are known as the 3 Es of safety — and when they work together, they can be very effective at moving the needle on public safety.

Global-5 has been working with engineering and enforcement partners for more than 15 years to educate the public about safety: safe holiday travel media events with FDOT and FHP, work zone safety campaigns along I-4 and I-75, and safe mobility for Florida’s aging drivers, just to name a few of our successful campaigns. We also have two staff who are experienced in railroad safety training education and outreach for CSX and SunRail. You can read more about our safety education work here.

If your firm or community is preparing to do rail or transit safety outreach, and is looking for a partner to provide the education component, reach out to us. We would be happy to put our experience to work for you.