Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Even the most self-assured subject matter expert may panic at the prospect of a live, on-camera interview. After all, most planners, engineers and other transportation professionals have never been trained to talk to the media. Despite this training gap, nearly all of them will be called upon at some point to represent their company or project, whether speaking to a small group of stakeholders or to a wide TV audience.

At Global-5, we believe communicating key messages to public audiences is a critical skill that anyone can develop with proper training. In fact, we have been providing that training to clients and staff for 25 years. Our one-day course puts participants in the hot seat with hands-on exercises in developing talking points, understanding the media, and effective presentation skills. As part of the training, Global-5 CEO Mary Hamill, a TV news veteran, conducts on-the-spot, on-camera interviews with each participant, giving them a rare opportunity to see and learn from how they present themselves on screen.

“It’s vital that all transportation professionals — not just public information officers — know how to deliver talking points during any of the various public outreach activities they may participate in,” Mary Hamill said. “We have developed this training over time, adding in lessons learned from our own experiences with stakeholders and the media.”

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