Posted on Jan 26, 2022

At Global-5, we’re always ready to jump into a project. We move quickly for our clients, but we never go in unprepared.

After 26 years in transportation communications, we have a deep institutional knowledge of many sectors, and we know how to get ready for a project. One of the time-tested tools we use is an “industry scan.” Simply put, it’s deep research into a business sector, or into the types and histories of certain communications campaigns and public information projects.

But they must be done right — and by experts who know what to look for.

We Use Our Tools to Reach Your Goals

We search extensively, almost exhaustively, through the topic, but we never lose sight of the goal. We’re guided by the question: How do we organize and analyze our findings, then turn new learnings into a practical, successful solutions for our clients?

Recently, we were preparing for a traffic safety campaign. Instead of simply applying a previously successful strategy, we wanted to make sure that we were thinking larger than ourselves. We always want to look beyond our own experiences. Clients know we refuse to stay sealed up in a self-satisfied bubble.

Ludi Lelis, Senior Outreach and Media Consultant, dug in and researched traffic safety campaigns going back several years, and not just in Florida, not just in the U.S., but around the world. The mission was not simply to look at examples of campaigns, but to find out how they were received, why they succeeded, or why they stumbled.

Smart Research Leads to Sharp Strategies

Having compiled information on which campaigns resulted in verifiable improvements in traffic safety statistics, and understanding how scientific studies assessed those, our team also looked over the findings.

We discovered trends in what succeeds with which audience. We saw approaches from the past that seemed to have been forgotten, but with tweaks could be useful again today. And we found creative new approaches hiding in lesser-known projects around the world. The new ideas sparked our creative team to even more innovative strategies.

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