Posted on Dec 18, 2020

Global-5 expands its knowledge transfer expertise to include Learning Management Systems

When budgets are tight and staffers busy, it can be hard to take personnel from one project and redirect them to train new hires or employees who need new skills.

Instead, many companies are turning to computer-based training (CBT) to help with those crucial transfers of knowledge. One advantage of workplace CBT is that it provides onboarding and skills upgrades without taking staffers away from more pressing duties.

In response to this growing demand, Global-5 is expanding its CBT and Learning Management Systems (LMS) services. Global-5 is a longtime provider of computer-based training with successful efforts that include work for the Florida Department of Transportation’s ITS Facility Management program and Florida 511 system, and now, the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Though a change to CBT might seem daunting to those considering it, Global-5 experts can ease the transition for nearly any business or government agency. Our highly experienced specialists, Chris Addison and Fidela Balamani, offer tips for those considering the use of the CBT — systems that let employees learn at their own rate and enable employers to test newly acquired knowledge.

Company decision-makers considering CBT should:

  1. Be aware of all hours used by staffers to teach employees new skills or refresh current skills – hours that workers could spend in self-directed, computer-based learning with little oversight.
  2. Consider whether employees should be able to access CBT modules from home, in the field, or only in company offices, and estimate how many should be able to access the system at once.
  3. Imagine how CBT programs can help assimilate employees into your company, as they receive standardized instruction that produces an understanding of company culture, and proficiency in interpersonal, manual, and/or software skills.

To find out more about Global 5’s CBT projects and the impressive experience of on-staff experts, contact Matt Hamill at or 407-571-6760.