Posted on Apr 03, 2023

Reducing rush-hour traffic is a key objective for Transportation Demand Management. Convincing commuters to skip the traffic and find alternative ways to get to work can be a challenge.

To help the Florida Department of Transportation reach those commuters, Global-5 has harnessed our extensive experience in public relations and outreach to influence Central Florida workers to change their behavior. This includes increasing awareness of alternative transportation options to improve safety and enhance mobility.

Transportation Demand Management is the use of strategies to make our transportation systems more efficient by providing people with travel choices. Its goals are to improve mobility, reduce congestion, and lower vehicle emissions.

Global-5 understands the best strategies to get the right message to the community. We are using those strategies to promote successfully the alternatives to driving alone, such as carpooling, vanpooling, taking the bus or train, biking to work, walking or telecommuting.

Our first strategy for promoting Transportation Demand Management has been building brand awareness and crafting messages about the variety of commuter options. The central message is that the work commute can be more sustainable, healthier, and more affordable. Our creative, in-house production team designs graphics, takes photographs, and produces videos to convey that message.

Integral to these efforts is understanding how incentives can influence behavior. Our marketing highlights the various incentives designed to reward people who have alternative commutes.

Our second strategy is based on our success with Good Neighbor Outreach™. We are marketing to neighborhoods where like-minded commuters already live. Our expertise in community engagement tells us to reach the right target audience, in this case, people who may already be using transit, biking, or working from home.

Finally, our public engagement approach means going directly to the public. Global-5 maintains an active, robust online presence on social media for the commuter program. We also present the program and its benefits at dozens of employee fairs, festivals, and other public events; and reach commuters at their workplaces through presentations at local employers. We also provide the public with information through a toll-free number.

Global-5 gets results by delivering the central message to the target audience where that message will be readily received. To find out how our strategic marketing can help you reach your goals, please contact John Hamill at or 407-571-6771.