Posted on Nov 15, 2021

The holidays are a busy time for many, and that includes members of the news media. The typical holiday stories need to be told — gas prices for holiday travel, Black Friday predictions, entertainment options, and human-interest stories — and deadlines don’t stop. Newscasts and newspapers still need to be filled.

In this busy, seemingly chaotic time, how does a public relations consultant help a client break through the noise with a story that’s important and deserves attention?

A well-planned media event can help get reporters’ attention and get your story in front of the public. To plan such an event, you should first answer two questions: what is the story that the public needs to hear, and what does a reporter need to tell the story?

Global-5 has over the past 12 years held a series of successful holiday travel media events by answering those two questions. First, we understood that our story, which was safe holiday travel, was important for the millions of Floridians planning to hit the road to visit family and friends. Drivers needed to understand the tools they have at their disposal to help them safely reach their destinations.

Second, we provided reporters with a variety of reasons to want to cover the story. We chose a location that reporters don’t get to visit very often, and which is transportation related and provides an interesting backdrop. We also provided them with several reliable, interesting spokespeople who represented travel-related organizations, including law enforcement and airports. This allowed each reporter to get a number of interviews, which in turn enabled them to produce several days’ worth of stories.

Our team has 25 years’ experience in providing exceptional media relations for our clients. Our staff includes former TV, radio and print journalists who know how to work with reporters because they were reporters. For more information, contact Matt Hamill at or 407-571-6760.